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Don Lawver picked up a Nikon camera in 1976 and never stopped photographing. A four decade career produced some of the most incredible moments captured on film. With help from Beaumonde, Don is opening up his collection for viewing, archival, and purchase.

At age 16, Don bought a ticket to a Led Zeppelin concert in Tampa, Florida. 9 songs in, 1 incredible rainstorm, and then a riot later, he left with his musical soul transformed after viewing what he recalls as Rock Gods. His addiction and hobby would lead him to a 40 year career on the road, photographing some of the world’s biggest artists. Truly, Don produced a catalog on an epic scale. The depth and magnitude of his photo collection offers a fascinating look into four decades of music, stardom, and fashion.

I have spent a large part of my life consumed by creating this collection of photography. I lived out of a suitcase, viewing some of the greatest concerts ever. My passion has always been fueled by sharing my photos with others. It is my hope that this historic content will ultimately be my legacy, one that inspires people and preserves iconic moments for ages to come. Music is the expression of all humanity.
— Don Lawver

The Collection


Don's impressive collection of photography covers four decades of legendary music in glorious, vibrant color. Some fast facts:

- Over 400,000 negatives
- 238 genres & subgenres covered
- Thousands of photos published worldwide

People often ask about my claim to fame: the ownership of the world’s largest collection of live color concert photography. After extensive research by galleries, auction houses, appraisers, agents, prospective buyers and even the current company representing me, Beaumonde, professionals convinced me that mine is the largest independently owned collection out there.

The truth of the matter is that size and scope are important, but so are the quality, content, color, style, use of flash, and diversity of the collection. There are many factors that help determine the depth and worth of my catalog. I owned my own magazine which allowed me to decide which shows I would cover, what genres, as well as where and when I would shoot. It also allowed me to keep my own negatives and slides. To the best of my (and Wikipedia’s) knowledge I have photographed 238 genres which seems pretty rare. Most photographers have a particular type of music that they target and they usually work for publications where they turn over their negatives. I was inquisitive about all genres. I went to shows whether it was opera, country, heavy metal and so forth.
— Don Lawver



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We are extremely proud to represent Don Lawver, someone whose work and ethos deeply moves us. We have pledged to preserve his body of work for generations to come. Thank you for visiting


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