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Rock In Peace - Tom Petty

Don Lawver was saddened today after hearing of Tom Petty's passing.

We were contacted in the early morning by a reporter in Raleigh who wanted to get in touch with Don for an interview about Tom Petty's music. I picked Don up and we drove to the news station together where we joined Jay Hardy of Spectrum News to have a little powwow. Don brought along some photos that he had on hand of Tom Petty, and shared some insightful words on Tom's music, personality, and more. As Don likes to say, he's a "Florida Boy". Well so is Tom Petty. Don remembers shooting Tom in Florida before Tom and his Heartbreakers hit the mainstream. The TV interview airs tonight in Raleigh, and we will share more as soon as we can.

UPDATE (10/4): Here is the link to the new segment: Don Lawver - Triangle Remembers Tom Petty

With this blog post, I'm sharing four images that Don brought to the news station with him today. These shots were taken with my cell phone so that we could have some kind of tribute to share for Tom Petty and his music. We're looking forward to scanning some of Don's Tom Petty photos and sharing a beautiful collection with you. More Tom Petty photos are coming this week as we roll into Don's Teaser Exhibition at Google Fiber.

Rock in Peace, Tom Petty.

Tom Petty - Concert Photo Gallery