Don Lawver Photography


Tales from Don Lawver's career as a concert photographer.

Don's Nirvana

            After spending four decades as a concert photographer, with more than 400,000 negatives in 238 genres, Don Lawver is showcasing via 1XRUN four new and exciting prints of Nirvana circa 1993. With wings of an angel on screen behind him, Kurt Cobain is the beaming subject of an Aluminum Print 24x19 inches with a signature in the corner of Don Lawver and the option to purchase the picture framed (as is the case with all of the prints available through 1XRUN). Also in this collection is a three-print set (8.5x12 and 12x8.5 inches) of Nirvana members Dave Grohl, Krist Novoselic, and Kurt Cobain.

            So if you love Nirvana or know someone who does, with the season of holidays approaching, head over to to see Don’s spicy prints. When asked what makes these prints so special Don replied that the shots are iconic: Nirvana was a pioneering band helping to create the genre of grunge that would spread its sound and message worldwide. These photographs are imbued with a historical meaning that cannot be copied.