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Tales from Don Lawver's career as a concert photographer.

My Gear - Nikon N2020 + Fuji 400/800

For those of you who have an avid interest in photography, here are some of the cameras, film, and ways that I photographed the collection.


 Nikon N2020, photo credit:

Nikon N2020, photo credit:

In the beginning I photographed with many slides.  I was able to borrow a friend’s Hasselblad who owned a photo store, but I quickly found it to be heavy and cumbersome.  I quickly switched to a Nikon N-20-20.  The camera was light yet accurate and allowed me to hold it high without tiring and to keep it steady.  



Often a Vivatar 3800.      


In the first 3 years I photographed with slides due to trying to get my photographs in magazines.  It was the format that magazines wanted at the time.  Progress eventually led to magazines being able to use prints so 85% of my photographs are done with negatives.  For film I primarily used Fuji 400 and 800.  I loved and preferred Fuji over Kodak due to its brilliant colors.  I found Kodak to be more reliable with skin tones.  

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