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Tales from Don Lawver's career as a concert photographer.

Shep's Picks - O Freddie, My Freddie

For as long as I've listened to rock music I've had an enduring fascination with Freddie Mercury. His journey to becoming one of the greatest frontmen of all time is for me so compelling. The power to hold an entire crowd in the palm of your hand and build them up, bring them down, and take them higher than they've ever been - that is heavenly. Freddie's stage presence was so fantastic, so fabulous, so commanding, that in my life he is forever immortalized as the god of frontmen.

When we first picked up Don's collection, he left us with four shoe boxes full of alphabetized envelopes. I flipped through hundreds of envelopes on my way from A to Z. When I saw an envelope labeled "Queen", I paused. With reverence I drew out photos of Freddie Mercury, Brian May, and other band members. They took my breath away. The poise, the attitude, the authentic Freddie Mercury experience. Now I hope they'll take your breath away too. In the gallery below you'll find a variety of Queen photos that I'm officially obsessed with. Enjoy.